My mother-in-law planted two large vats of lotus, blooming and bearing lotus every year. Occasionally, I would pick a lotus pod and eat fresh lotus seeds. This time, when I went back to my hometown, I just saw a lotus flower falling on the lotus leaves after being beaten by the rain. I picked up a few petals on the lotus leaf, picked off the remaining petals, packed them in a fresh-keeping bag and brought them back. My character baby asked, what are you going to do? Wait, I’ll fry the lotus. As a result, he loved the freshly fried lotus petals.


1 egg
2 tablespoons flour
A little salt
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
1 lotus


Step 1
According to the food map, rinse the lotus petals for standby

Step 2
Add a little salt to the flour, beat in the eggs, and add a little water to make a paste

Step 3
Drag the lotus petals into the batter

Step 4
Pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil into the pot

Step 5
Add lotus petals and fry over low heat. Ready to eat