People who love seafood can’t stand it. They don’t eat seafood for two days. They don’t know the taste. Dinner is ready for cooking. My husband asked if there is seafood tonight? I went home directly after work and didn’t buy vegetables. I want to take out the dishes in the fridge yesterday and make do with it. Kwai Kwai collocation is a real worry for me. I have a bag of instant octopus in the fridge and the home dishes. I have a 5 minute quick dish. The octopus is fried with leek and the octopus is delicious. The Chinese chives are fresh and simple. The fried rice can be served in the pan, and it is also a summer appetizer. Small octopus not only tastes fresh and tender, but also has special nutrition. It is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C and other nutrients. Eating it often is also good for the body. I bought it online a few days ago. I put it in the fridge to cook urgent dishes. Sometimes I take out a bag of fried food when I get off work late or have no time to buy vegetables. It’s simple and easy. It’s not urgent tonight. After frying, the whole family likes it very much.


A box of instant Octopus
A handful of leeks
A little salt
3.4 diced garlic


Step 1
Ingredients: a box of instant octopus, a handful of leek, 3.4 garlic grains and a small amount of salt

Step 2
Clean the leeks, wash the sediment, control the water and cut into small sections.

Step 3
Ready to eat small octopus is frozen at room temperature in advance. It's cold and fresh in Antarctica. It's still frozen. It's very fresh. You can also buy raw small octopus to fry directly.

Step 4
Pour a little oil into the hot pot, add garlic and burst out the flavor.

Step 5
Add small octopus and stir fry for a few times. Because it is ready to eat, just heat it a little.

Step 6
Put in the cut leek and stir fry quickly. Add a little salt to make the leek taste. The leek itself will go into the water. There is no need to add water here.

Step 7
Stir fry several times, see the leek soft and fry, and about 3-5 minutes, the real Kwai Chi.

Step 8
Finally, add a little chicken essence and you can get out of the pot. The color is fresh and the soup is delicious. Take a bite of small octopus. It tastes fresh, spicy and delicious.

Step 9
5 minute Kwai Fu