Leek box is a very popular folk food in Northeast China. It can be made all year round. The leek box is scorched outside and tender inside, with large filling and thin skin. It is delicious. A sun ☀, One and a half months


500g high gluten flour
3 eggs
300g leek
1 tablespoon refined salt
1 tablespoon pepper powder
30g rice oil


Step 1
High gluten powder

Step 2
Add boiling water to scald 80%, stir the flour evenly, and add an appropriate amount of cold water and flour to the remaining flour

Step 3
Knead into dough, cover with plastic wrap and stand for 20-30 minutes

Step 4
Leeks and eggs

Step 5
Clean the leeks, drain the water and cut into small pieces

Step 6
Add refined salt to the egg liquid and mix well

Step 7
After the pot is heated, add rice oil. The oil temperature is 7 minutes. When it is hot, add egg liquid. Stir fry the eggs continuously. The eggs are fried into small pieces

Step 8
Cool the broken eggs, add pepper powder and leek powder, and mix well

Step 9
The filling is ready

Step 10
Wake up

Step 11
Cut into small pieces with a diameter of 4cm and a thickness of 2cm

Step 12
Roll into dough

Step 13
Wrap into dumpling shape

Step 14
Pinch the pattern on the edge

Step 15
Take a pastry and put an appropriate amount of stuffing on it

Step 16
Cover it with a dough and knead it around

Step 17
Pinch the pattern around

Step 18
The leek box is wrapped

Step 19
Add rice oil into the pot, heat it, add leek box, and fry slowly over warm fire

Step 20
Turn one side golden and continue frying

Step 21
Take 1 tablespoon of flour, add 1 tablespoon of water and mix into flour juice

Step 22
When both sides are fried, add two tablespoons of noodle juice, cover the pan and fry for about 3 minutes

Step 23
Pick up the pot, shake it a few times, dry the noodle juice and fry it

Step 24
The leek box is out of the pot