Today’s fragrant fried Huaishan belongs to fried, fried refers to the main ingredients cut into thin slices or chopped into antler, sizing or stained with dry starch, and then fried until broken, and then pour ingredients and fried main ingredients, and finally pour the juice or soup mixed in advance.


500g yam
Appropriate amount of chopped pepper


Step 1
Peel the yam and cut it into larger pieces. Soak it in clean water for 10 minutes. Change the water in the middle to soak the mucus of the yam

Step 2
Soak the Huaishan and drain it

Step 3
Put the right amount of raw powder (starch) on the plate, so that each piece of Huaishan is evenly wrapped with raw powder. Then heat the oil in a pan, put down the slices of Huaishan and fry them on both sides over low heat. Then add chopped pepper, salt and soup and stir fry a little

Step 4
When the soup is about to dry, sprinkle with scallions to make it out of the pot