Gongbao diced chicken is one of the most representative dishes in Sichuan cuisine. It was created by Ding Baozhen, the governor of Sichuan Province when he was the governor of Sichuan Province. It has been handed down to the present day. It is generally believed that Gongbao diced chicken was created and spread in Sichuan when Ding Baozhen was governor of Sichuan Province. In the long years since then, Gongbao diced chicken has been widely known throughout the world and abroad mainly through Sichuan cuisine restaurants with huge market. Therefore, Gongbao diced chicken belongs to Sichuan cuisine. At the same time, Ding Baozhen is a native of Guizhou, Therefore, Gongbao chicken can also be considered as Guizhou cuisine.


80g chicken
30g green pepper
3G scallion
3G ginger
3G garlic
2 dried peppers


Step 1
Wash and degrease the chicken

Step 2
Change the knife

Step 3

Step 4
Cut green pepper into small pieces

Step 5

Step 6
Smooth the chicken with a little egg white

Step 7
Put it out of the pot for standby

Step 8
Put oil in the pot

Step 9
Stir fried chili with onion, ginger and garlic

Step 10
Chicken and green pepper

Step 11
Add sauce and stir fry