Gluten is a special protein food after kneading and washing the flour in water to remove the slurry. It can be divided into water gluten, fried gluten and baked bran.


150g water gluten
20G green pepper
10g garlic
10g Douchi
1g refined salt
50ml edible oil
10ml raw extract


Step 1

Step 2
Cut the gluten into small pieces or tear it by hand

Step 3
Shredded green pepper

Step 4
Slice garlic and prepare Douchi

Step 5
Add oil into the pot and fry garlic slices

Step 6
Add gluten stir fry, you can add a little boiling water

Step 7
Add shredded green pepper and stir well

Step 8
Add black bean sauce and stir well

Step 9
Add raw soy sauce

Step 10
Add a little salt. Stir well

Step 11
Loading disc