For boiled fish, there are many ways to choose ingredients. Tomato can be used as the base of soup, and Astragalus can also be used as Chinese herbal medicine. Pixian Douban is also a common seasoning. Compared with these, hot pot ingredients are the most important flavor. Hot pot materials include solid materials with more butter, and also clear oil hot pot bottom materials that are not affected by temperature. The latter is more suitable for cooking fish in water.


700g grass carp
Half an egg white
4 green garlic
2 celeries
2 lettuce


Step 1
Cut open the fish and clean the foreign body and black diaphragm

Step 2
Rinse the fillets repeatedly in a large container until the water is clear

Step 3
Add appropriate amount of salt, white pepper, a little ginger foam and egg white to the fish. After grasping well, add water lake powder and marinate for 10 minutes

Step 4
Cut the dried pepper into sections, ginger and garlic into slices

Step 5
Wash the garlic seedlings and cut them into sections

Step 6
Wash celery and lettuce, and cut into sections

Step 7
Saute the lettuce, celery and garlic seedlings with oil and put them into the bottom of a large container

Step 8
Add a little oil into the pan, heat the oil, add the hot pot ingredients, garlic and ginger, and stir fry until fragrant

Step 9
Pour a little less water or clear soup into the pot than the container, and put in the stems of the garlic sprouts

Step 10
Add fish head and bone, salt and simmer for 5 minutes

Step 11
Put the fish chops and fish heads in a container with vegetables. After the pot is reopened, add the fish fillets and gently disperse them. Cook the raw fish

Step 12
Take out the fillets and put them on the bones. Pour the soup into the bowl

Step 13
Put a few celery leaves in the bowl, and put a little garlic powder, some green garlic seedlings and white sesame seeds in the middle

Step 14
Pot 4 tbsp vegetable oil, oil heat, add Pepper Fried incense after the fire off

Step 15
Push the dried pepper slightly into the pan

Step 16
Quickly drench the hot pepper from the middle of the container