Sour sweet


500g tomato
Half a green pepper
3 eggs
2 shallots
5g salt
20G sugar
2G pepper powder
A little garlic


Step 1
Cross the bottom of the tomato, scald it in boiling water for a while, and tear the tomato skin. Then cut small pieces

Step 2
Break up the eggs, add some salt, and then add 2 tablespoons of water, because when frying the eggs, the water will be heated and evaporated, and the eggs will expand, and they are very soft and tender.

Step 3
Add oil, garlic, tomato and stir fry for a moment. Add half a bowl of water, salt and sugar and simmer for eight minutes. The tomato becomes soft and rotten. Add eggs, shredded vegetable pepper, pepper and scallion and cook for another two minutes.