This is a favorite dish of Guangzhou people. It’s very simple. It’s usually served in Cantonese restaurants. If you can’t buy five willow vegetables, you can also use onion, carrot and green pepper to cut them into strips instead of five willow vegetables


Three eggs
Moderate amount of Salix
Proper amount of ketchup
Appropriate amount of white granulated sugar
A little salt
Appropriate amount of water
Moderate amount of white vinegar
A little starch


Step 1
Wuliucai, in fact, is five kinds of pickles, namely papaya, carrot, cucumber, buckwheat head, ginger, pickled with white vinegar. Some of the old brand zhimeizhai in Guangzhou sell it

Step 2
Put the eggs on the plate. Remember to wipe the plate dry. Otherwise, the oil will fly when the eggs are laid in the oil pan

Step 3
After the frying pan is heated, add peanut oil or other vegetable oil, continue to heat until the oil is boiled, pour in the eggs, and say fried eggs. In fact, if you eat them in a restaurant, you can really call them fried eggs, because the fire will be very strong and there will be a lot of oil. Cook by yourself. Of course, I want to be as close to health as possible

Step 4
As soon as the egg goes down, it needs to be bubbled as shown in the picture with skirt, so the egg will be more fragrant

Step 5
When one side is golden, turn over the other side. In fact, it's almost the same as frying poached eggs

Step 6
Then put it into a plate

Step 7
Prepare a bowl of sweet and sour sauce, including tomato sauce, white vinegar, white sugar, salt and cold boiled water. If you have three eggs like this, you can reduce half a bowl of sauce (adjust the sauce according to the degree of sweetness and acidity you can accept. Try the taste yourself)

Step 8
After the fried eggs are served, the oil in the pan can be left or not. If you like, pour in the sweet and sour juice

Step 9
After the sweet and sour juice is slightly boiled, add the five willow vegetables, and then continue to cook over low heat. Finally, thicken the juice with a little starch until the juice thickens. Pour directly on the egg

Step 10
Here comes the simple meal