There are many ways to eat eggplant, which can be fried, fried, stewed and cold. Moreover, the nutrition of eggplant is much richer, especially for the three high crowd. That’s really a baby. The elderly should also eat more eggplant, which is good for their health. Today, when eggplant and leek are mixed together, how delicious will two ordinary ingredients collide?


800g eggplant
1 egg
100g leek
30g flour
Appropriate amount of edible oil
A little salt
20G starch


Step 1
Eggplant slices should not be too thick. They are too thick to taste. Of course, they should not be too thin. If they are too thin, the fried eggplant box will be easy to soften, not form, and easier to spread. The thickness should be about 3mm, and try to be uniform,

Step 2
Take off the bad leaves of leeks and clean them with clean water. When washing leeks, be sure to wash the head of leeks up and down in the water repeatedly, so as to clean the sand on the head of leeks as much as possible. When cutting leeks, cut a section on the head and throw it away. This can ensure that there is no sand at all when eating leeks, which is more hygienic and delicious, Clean the leeks, don't cut them immediately, put them in a ventilated place, let the water on the surface fully dry, and then cut the leeks into small grains. The purpose of this is to make the leeks don't produce a lot of water when mixing the stuffing, otherwise the water will affect the freshness of the leeks, and it's not easy to operate. When mixing the stuffing, put oil first and mix it with oil to lock the freshness of the leeks, Add salt to mix the filling,

Step 3
Put the mixed leek filling in the middle of the cut eggplant pod. Don't put too much. Too much will not be clamped. It is easy to expose when frying. It will be everywhere in the oil pan. The eggplant box will also have leeks on the surface. It's not beautiful. Put it on the plate, one by one,

Step 4
Now let's mix the batter. The batter is mixed with medium gluten flour and starch. If only medium gluten flour is used, the shell of the eggplant box will not be brittle and soft. If only starch is used, the shell of the eggplant box will be too brittle and even hard, which is not suitable for people with bad teeth. The batter is not water, but eggs. Eggs are easier to form, The second is to add beautiful colors. The third is to increase the fragrant taste. The prepared batter is smooth and flowing. You can try it with an eggplant box and wrap it. If the batter is too thick, a thick layer of noodles will be formed on the surface of the eggplant box, which is not delicious. The batter is too thin and can't hang, so it doesn't work,

Step 5
Put an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pot. You can't fry the eggplant box until the oil is hot. The oil temperature is generally about 70% hot. The oil temperature of 70% hot is that you put your hand about 20 cm above the oil surface. It's almost hot. You can't fry things if the oil temperature is not hot. If the oil temperature is too high, it's easy to explode the oil in the eggplant box,

Step 6
When the eggplant box floats up, turn it over with long chopsticks and continue to fry. When both sides show a beautiful golden yellow, you can take it out with a leaky spoon and put it on the filter net to control the oil, and then you can taste it.