Fried eggplant, put the eggplant alone in the oil pan and fry it, and then eat it directly. If it is processed again and made into a sour and sweet mouth, it is an artifact for eating.


Two eggplant
Proper amount of corn oil
A little flour
A little salt


Step 1
Clean the eggplant first, remove the bottom of the eggplant and cut it into hob pieces. In this way, the eggplant is easy to be heated evenly, and then mix a batter. The flour is medium gluten flour and add an appropriate amount of water. If you can't control the amount of water, add it slowly bit by bit, stir it evenly every time, add water to see the state, and put a little salt in the batter, When fried in this way, the eggplant will taste more fresh and delicious,

Step 2
The batter is even without dough bumps. Put the eggplant block into the batter. The batter can form a film on the eggplant surface, that is, the commonly known batter can hang. See the following figure for the specific state. Wrap the eggplant with paste for standby,

Step 3
Next, put an appropriate amount of corn oil into the anhydrous pot. Of course, soybean oil is also OK. There is no water in the pot. Only oil will not splash out. Oil and water will splash everywhere. The oil will slowly heat up. Stand in the middle of the oil with chopsticks and see small bubbles around chopsticks. The oil temperature is just good.

Step 4
It is worth noting that the oil temperature is not constant. When the eggplant is put in the oil, the oil temperature drops. Therefore, wait for a while every time the eggplant is put in. When the oil temperature rises, proceed to the next operation,

Step 5
A layer of batter will be formed on the surface of fried eggplant. The reason why the batter is mixed with flour instead of starch is that the paste mixed with starch will be harder after frying. Although the shape is very good, I personally think the taste is not as good as that of flour paste. The flour paste is more fragrant and better to eat.

Step 6
Don't hang too much batter on the surface of eggplant. If the batter is too thick, it feels like eating fried noodles. Such a thin layer of batter can highlight the taste of eggplant. Eggplant does not need to be fried for the second time. Eggplant itself can be eaten raw. Moreover, eggplant is very soft and easy to fry through, so the frying time should not be too long. One time is enough.