150g zucchini
15g carrot
2 eggs
10g black fungus
5g scallion
2G garlic slices
2 g salt
2 g Sugar
4 g Shenghua
4 g fuel consumption
5g water starch


Step 1
The ingredients are ready

Step 2
Prepare zucchini slices, scallion, garlic slices and carrot slices

Step 3
Boil with water, pour in zucchini, blanch, pour in carrot, pour in agaric, blanch

Step 4
Break up the eggs, pour in edible oil and egg liquid, and fry until done

Step 5
Add edible oil into the pot, pour in scallion and garlic slices, and saute over high heat

Step 6
Pour in zucchini, carrot, fungus and egg

Step 7
Pour in salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir fry, Shuidian powder, stir fry