Now it’s the season to eat loofah. I’ll make the home-made dish fried egg with Loofah fungus. Loofah is very nutritious. Pregnant women, pregnant women, lactating mothers and babies can eat loofah. Women with irregular menstruation, physical fatigue, phlegm and cough, postpartum milk obstruction are suitable to eat more loofah. Auricularia auricula is praised by nutritionists as “meat in the vegetable” and “king in the vegetable”. It contains 185mg of iron per 100g of Auricularia auricula, which is 20 times higher than spinach with the highest iron content in green leafy vegetables and about 7 times higher than pig liver with the highest iron content in animal foods. It is the highest iron content in all kinds of meat and vegetable foods. Auricularia auricula also contains a variety of beneficial amino acids and trace elements, which is called “meat in vegetables”. Eggs and black fungus towel gourd are eaten together. It’s really the essence of vegetarians, and the nutrition has increased several times.


1 towel gourd
2 eggs
20G dry black fungus
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
Proper amount of salt
2 green and red peppers


Step 1
Ingredients: one towel gourd, 50g fungus and two eggs

Step 2
Wash the Auricularia auricula and soak it with cold water. It usually takes 3-4 hours to soak it. Generally, 3.5-4.5 kg of water can be produced per kilogram of dry Auricularia auricula. If you have enough time, the fungus soaked in cold water has the best effect in terms of texture, taste and hair volume.

Step 3
Wash the red pepper and cut it into pieces. Peel the towel gourd and cut it into hob pieces. Don't cut the towel gourd thin. It's soft when fried. It doesn't take shape and doesn't look good

Step 4
Break the eggs, add a little water and stir them into egg liquid. Heat the pot to cool the oil. Heat the oil to 70% of the egg liquid. Fry the eggs until they are formed. Remove them into egg pieces

Step 5
Heat the pot again to cool the oil. Heat the oil until it is 80% hot. Stir fry the pepper pieces and black fungus evenly. It is best to stir fry the taste of pepper

Step 6
Add towel gourd and stir fry evenly. If the fungus pops out of the pot, add a little water and stir fry for a while, so that the fungus will not jump out of the pot

Step 7
Add salt, stir fry and taste evenly. Adding salt in advance can avoid too heavy salt taste of eggs, because eggs absorb too much salt

Step 8
Add eggs and stir fry evenly to get out of the pot

Step 9
In particular, towel gourd can not be fried. It can be cooked when it becomes soft and discolored.