I like a dinner variety “handsome Chef” in Taiwan very much. Division a Ji made this favorite meal I’ve been cooking since junior high school. In order to match my habit of mixing rice, I made a little adjustment. This practice has the taste of Western food and the rich flavor of milk and cheese. I can’t forget it after trying


2 tomatoes
2-3 eggs
A little cheese
80 ml milk
A little salt
A little sugar
A little scallion


Step 1
Wash the tomatoes, peel them and cut them into hobs

Step 2
Put oil in the pot, fry the eggs until they are cooked, and sprinkle with scallion

Step 3
Add tomatoes, stir fry slightly, add sugar and salt to taste, add milk, turn the heat down, sprinkle cheese after the tomatoes become soft, and wait until the cheese melts