More than 12 months


400g razor clam
20G carrot
4 eggs
Proper amount of salt, fresh mushroom powder, scallion, ginger slices and scallion segments


Step 1
·Reference month age·

Step 2
Clean the razor clam. Pay attention when cleaning the razor clam. Shellfish usually spit sand. The one I bought has spit sand. Just clean the shell again. If you don't spit sand, add an appropriate amount of salt to the water soaked in razor clam, and then wait for spitting sand for about 2 or 3 hours. During this period, keep changing the water until the sand is spit out.

Step 3
Put the razor clam into the boiling water pot and add ginger slices and scallions. Ginger slices and scallions are added here mainly to better remove the fishy smell.

Step 4
Cook until the razor clam opens and take it out.

Step 5
Remove the shell and black edge of razor clam and clean it carefully. If you can't buy this razor clam, you can replace it with scallops and oysters. It has nutrition and delicious taste.

Step 6
Shred the carrots and set aside.

Step 7
Beat the eggs into an empty bowl and stir them up.

Step 8
Add razor clam meat, shredded carrot, scallion and fresh mushroom powder to the egg and stir well. Shredded carrot my children prefer the crisp taste. If the baby likes the softer taste, you can blanch it once in advance.

Step 9
Pour oil into the pot, pour in the egg liquid and fry over low heat.

Step 10
Fry until the bottom solidifies and turn over. Because the fried egg is not easy to turn, I just turn it piece by piece, which is more convenient.

Step 11
Fry until the surface is yellowish and ripe. Take out.

Step 12
The fried egg with razor clam is attractive and delicious. It really disappeared half a plate as soon as it was served. Now it's time to eat razor clam. You can try this dish to appetize the whole family.