As far as I can remember, grandma and mom cook very delicious food. When they get the simple ingredients, they just don’t taste the same as others’ fried food; Especially grandma, all kinds of pickles and pickles are not enough for us to eat; She is also very good at finding good ingredients. What she has the deepest memory is that she will plant some spices such as coriander and perilla by herself in the open space in the front yard. When cooking, she pinches some fresh spices and throws them into the frying pan, especially using perilla to cook fish and meat. The taste will never be forgotten.


200g Perilla
2 eggs
2 green and red peppers
3 G ginger
3 G refined salt
10ml soy sauce
30ml edible oil


Step 1
Preparation of various raw materials.

Step 2
Remove the old stems and leaves of perilla, clean and drain.

Step 3
Wash green and red peppers, remove seeds and cut into pieces, and shred ginger.

Step 4
Shred the drained perilla and put it into a deep bowl.

Step 5
Knock in the eggs.

Step 6
Add refined salt.

Step 7
Stir well.

Step 8
Fill the pot with edible oil and perilla egg liquid when it is 50% hot.

Step 9
Fry until the egg solidifies. Remove and set aside.

Step 10
Start another oil pan and cook in soy sauce with shredded ginger.

Step 11
Add green and red pepper.

Step 12
Stir fry and add soy sauce.

Step 13
Add a little salt.

Step 14
Lay the previously fried perilla eggs.

Step 15
Turn off the heat after stir frying and take out the pot.