Onion has the function of dispersing wind cold, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar, preventing thrombosis, and has strong bactericidal ability. Auricularia auricula is rich in protein. It can resist hemagglutination, antithrombotic, reduce blood lipid and has a strong detoxification effect. Eggs are a kind of nutritious food with delicious taste. Today, it’s rare to buy purple onion, which tastes more crisp, tastes more rich, and has higher nutritional value than white onion. Auricularia auricula is a dry food ingredient in the family. With the delicious eggs, it’s really delicious


Half an onion
2 eggs
50g black fungus
Appropriate amount of vegetable oil
5g salt
1 tablespoon raw soy sauce


Step 1
Cut half the onion into shreds

Step 2
Soak black fungus in advance and tear it into small flowers. Boil water in the pot. Pour black fungus and blanch for 1 minute. Remove and drain the water

Step 3
Beat up 2 eggs, pour a little oil into the pot, pour in the egg liquid and stir fry until scattered, then put them out for standby

Step 4
Cool the oil in a hot pot, pour in the onion and stir fry quickly until soft

Step 5
Pour in blanched black fungus and stir well

Step 6
Pour in a little soy sauce, mix in salt and stir well

Step 7
Pour in the scrambled eggs

Step 8
Stir well and serve