Spinach has blood tonic effect, which is well known. However, how many kinds of spinach do you know or have eaten? Yesterday, I chatted with my friends and said that I fried a dish with spinach, eggs and medlar — medlar and spinach fried eggs. It tastes very delicious. My friend felt incredible when he heard it. He said he had never heard of spinach. Let me share it with her. Since I want to share it, let me share it with you!


1 handful of spinach
1 Chinese wolfberry
3 eggs
Proper amount of salt
Proper oil
Appropriate amount of garlic


Step 1
1. After washing the spinach, fold it into sections for standby. Boil a pot of water. After the water boils, blanch the spinach in the water for 1 ~ 2 minutes.

Step 2
Soak Lycium barbarum in water for 1 ~ 2 minutes and remove it for standby. Note that the soaking time of Lycium barbarum should not be too long.

Step 3
Add a small amount of salt and water to the eggs and beat them evenly. When frying eggs, add a small amount of water into the egg liquid and stir evenly. The scrambled eggs will taste more tender.

Step 4
Heat the oil in the pot, pour in the egg liquid, stir fry until the egg liquid solidifies, and put it out for standby.

Step 5
If you fry eggs with more oil, leave oil at the bottom of the pot. If there is less oil, add a small amount of oil to the pot. Add garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Add boiled spinach and stir fry evenly.

Step 6
Add Lycium barbarum and eggs, sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt, continue to stir fry evenly, and then put on a plate.