Leek yellow is also known as “leek bud”, “yellow leek bud” and “yellow leek”, commonly known as “leek white”, which is a product that turns yellow after softening cultivation. Leek is isolated from light and grows completely in the dark. Because there is no sunlight supply, it cannot produce photosynthesis and synthesize chlorophyll. It will turn yellow, which is called “leek yellow”… In the morning, there was a little leftover leek left in fried rice noodles. In the evening, I made a fried egg with leek with these leftovers. Simple and delicious~~~


1 handful of leek
2 eggs
30g peanut oil
1 teaspoon salt
A little chicken powder


Step 1
Ingredients: leek yellow and eggs (one of the eggs is a local chicken egg brought back from home, and the other is an ordinary egg bought in the supermarket. It is difficult to distinguish from the appearance and there is a little difference in size)

Step 2
Wash and drain the leek and cut into sections

Step 3
Break the egg; There are great differences in the color of egg yolk. On the left are ordinary eggs with less protein distribution, and on the right are orchard chicken eggs with more protein distribution. The taste is also different. The egg flavor of walkers is strong and the egg yolk is more fragrant

Step 4
Boil an appropriate amount of water in the pot and blanch the leek yellow section into the water to remove some peculiar smell due to not being bathed in the sun

Step 5
Pick up and drain the water

Step 6
Stir the eggs into egg liquid, pour in the leek section, mix in salt and chicken powder

Step 7
Stir again

Step 8
Hot pot, put a little more oil than usual; When the oil temperature rises and there is a light smoke in the pot, pour down the mixed leek and keep it fried for a while

Step 9
Fry until there are bubbles on the edge of the egg skin and the middle part bulges. At this time, turn down the fire and turn the other side over with a spatula. Fry it over medium heat until it turns brown