I went to the morning market this morning and bought a lot of vegetables and fruits, as well as corn. I boiled corn at noon and fried leek moss and eggs. Those who love to eat have vegetables. They want to eat corn and potato paste. I made two kinds.


A handful of leek moss
2 eggs
2G scallion
Half teaspoon pepper powder
1g raw extract
Proper amount of salt
1 tbsp vegetable oil


Step 1
Remove the roots of leek moss, wash and beat the eggs into a bowl

Step 2
Sliced leek moss

Step 3
Heat the oil in the pot

Step 4
Add eggs and stir fry

Step 5
Turn over and add soy sauce, scallions and pepper powder

Step 6
Add leek moss and stir fry quickly

Step 7
Turn off the heat and take out the pot

Step 8
Plate loading