Tender leek flower, although its taste is not as strong as leek, it can enhance the taste and color of vegetables with seafood, meat, vegetables and eggs, whether meat or vegetarian. Today I bought some leek flower to fry eggs. Note that when selecting leek flowers, those whose roots are easier to pinch off will be tender. This dish is simple, Kwai flower and egg are two ingredients, although the material is simple, with the least seasoning and ingredients, but the taste is very fragrant, simple and quick, three minutes out of the pot, is a good appetite and health food.


3 eggs
1 handful of leek flower
1 tsp cooking wine
2 cloves garlic
Proper amount of oil and salt


Step 1
Prepare raw materials;

Step 2
Beat the eggs into a bowl, add an appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, break them up and set aside;

Step 3
Cool the oil in a hot pot and pour in the scattered egg liquid;

Step 4
After the eggs are slightly shaped, divide them into small pieces with chopsticks and put them out;

Step 5
Then add a little oil, add shredded garlic and saute until fragrant;

Step 6
Put in the flower section of leek and stir fry;

Step 7
Stir fry until slightly discolored, add an appropriate amount of salt and stir fry evenly;

Step 8
Finally, add the scrambled eggs and stir fry evenly.

Step 9
It's on the table.