Different leek scrambled eggs, protein and egg yolk are separated. There are three colors, green, white and yellow, which are better than scrambled eggs of two colors. It belongs to the improved version, that is, version 2.0. After separation, the taste increases and the nutrition remains unchanged. Increase appetite.


2 eggs
250g leek
10ml oil
5g salt


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3
Cut segments.

Step 4
Egg yolk and egg white are separated. Beat egg yolk with salt.

Step 5
Beat egg whites with salt.

Step 6
Put some fried protein first.

Step 7
Put some fried egg yolks. Shovel when solid. Put it aside.

Step 8
Stir fry leeks over high heat. Turn to water. Turn down the fire. Stir fry with some salt

Step 9
Add fried egg white and egg yolk. Turn well.

Step 10