Fried Hibiscus egg is a traditional Cantonese dish. Mix the egg liquid with barbecued pork, shredded bamboo shoots, mushrooms and seasonings, and fry them. The dish is lumpy and golden on both sides. All kinds of by-products are wrapped in the egg, crisscrossing each other. The outer layer is tender and smooth, and the egg aroma is rich.


200g eggs
125g spring bamboo shoots
15g mushroom
25g barbecued pork with fork


Step 1
Prepare eggs, mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots, green onions and barbecued pork; Cut the cooked fresh bamboo shoots into shreds

Step 2
Cut the barbecued pork into shreds; The scallions are also cut into shreds

Step 3
Cut mushrooms into shreds; Beat eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper and monosodium glutamate and beat well

Step 4
Bring to a boil with water, add shredded mushrooms and bamboo shoots and cook for 30 seconds; Then put in the barbecued pork, blanch and drain the water

Step 5
Blanched shredded pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms and scallions are added into the egg liquid; Mix well, then add sesame oil and stir well

Step 6
Heat the frying pan, add oil, and pour in half of the egg mixture. Stir fry to solidify; After shovel, put in the remaining egg mixture and mix thoroughly.

Step 7
Add a small amount of oil into the frying pan, add the mixed egg liquid, and fry it over low heat; Fry one side and the other side until golden on both sides

Step 8
Fried egg cake, cut into pieces on the chopping board, stack on the plate