Before and after Gu Yu, it is the best season to eat Toona sinensis. Toona sinensis buds are rich in nutrition and do not need to be seasoned with chicken essence. Toona sinensis is delicious, but it is also a hair. If there are old and solid diseases, eat less to avoid causing old diseases


A handful of Toona sinensis
Three eggs
Proper amount of salt
A little cooking wine


Step 1
Prepare eggs and Toona sinensis

Step 2
Wash Chinese toon and set aside

Step 3
Prepare a bowl of cold water

Step 4
Boil the pot with water, blanch the Chinese toon for one minute, and the Chinese toon changes from red to green

Step 5
Remove and soak in supercooled water and drain the water

Step 6
Chopped Chinese toon drained

Step 7
Break three eggs

Step 8
Add chopped Chinese toon

Step 9
Add salt ➕ Mix cooking wine well

Step 10
Hot oil in hot pot

Step 11
Fire, pour in the egg liquid, stir fry quickly, the egg liquid is half solidified, turn off the fire, and then continue to stir fry a few times. Use the residual temperature to solidify all the egg liquid, and the total stir fry is about one minute

Step 12
Do not add chicken essence seasoning can be eaten