It’s the first time to eat balsam pear when you grow so big. They all say that you should eat some bitter in summer. Balsam pear is a good choice! Balsam pear also has the effect of reducing blood sugar, which is more suitable for the elderly at home!


1 balsam pear
Two eggs
1 red pepper
Proper raw extract
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of chicken essence


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients in advance

Step 2
Cut balsam pear in half and scrape off the white pulp

Step 3
Slice balsam pear and marinate it with a little salt

Step 4
Shredded chili

Step 5
Egg breaking

Step 6
Add oil into the pan and fry the eggs to form

Step 7
Add red pepper and balsam pear

Step 8
Add a little raw soy sauce

Step 9
Add salt

Step 10
Add a little chicken essence to taste

Step 11
Just install it