Super love vegetarian three fresh water fried bag. You can wrap some in the refrigerator and eat as you fry.


1 egg (white skin)
600g flour
240 g water
280g leek
(filling) less salt
40g vermicelli (dry)
2 eggs
10g fungus (water hair)
1 handful of shrimps
A little edible oil
A little stuffing: five spice powder
A little surface decoration: chives
A little surface decoration: black sesame


Step 1
Mix the dough materials, knead them into smooth dough, cover with fresh-keeping film and wake up for 1 hour;

Step 2
During the waking time, chop the leeks washed and controlled to dry, soak the soft vermicelli and dry fungus, fry and chop the two eggs, and mix them with the shrimp skin;

Step 3
Add edible oil, salt and a little five spice powder to the filling;

Step 4
Cut the awakened dough into three parts, rub each part long and cut into small dosage forms;

Step 5
Press each small dose flat;

Step 6
Roll it into a circle and wrap it with stuffing;

Step 7
Wrap into the shape of a small steamed stuffed bun;

Step 8
Add a little edible oil to the frying pan and put in steamed stuffed buns;

Step 9
Add a third of the water to the frying pan and cover it;

Step 10
Boil the water in the pot, and the steamed stuffed bun is cooked. Sprinkle a little chopped chives and black sesame before leaving the pot.