I worked in the pet shop and ate two meals in the shop every day. The boss gave me salt water boiled cabbage for a week. The takeout was expensive and not delicious, so I decided to fire on my own. Thank you, food hero. I have a good menu every day. I bought an electric rice cooker and improved it. It’s enough


200g duck intestines
8 garlic mosses
2 pickled peppers
Three millet peppers
1 carrot


Step 1
Put oil, pickled pepper, spicy millet and shredded ginger in the electric rice cooker. Because it is an electric rice cooker, cover it for two minutes

Step 2
Add garlic moss, add less salt, cover the rice cooker and simmer for one minute

Step 3
Stir fry, simmer for one minute, put in a spoonful of oil

Step 4
Add carrots, stir fry, taste the taste, add sea natural smoke