Now it’s very rare to buy such thick bean sprouts in the vegetable market. I like it better. It tastes good when fried


Half a catty of bean sprouts
Four pieces of dried seeds
A red pepper
Two slices of ginger
Two garlic


Step 1
Remove the root of bean sprouts and wash for standby

Step 2
Wash and cut the dried seeds

Step 3
Cut up the red pepper and garlic and set aside

Step 4
Add oil into the pot, add ginger and stir fry until fragrant, then add dried seeds and stir fry until brown

Step 5
Add bean sprouts and stir fry red pepper evenly

Step 6
Add a little soy sauce and stir fry

Step 7
Add salt and stir fry with a little water

Step 8
Add chicken essence and stir fry garlic flowers evenly

Step 9
Just install it