Fried dried cabbage


150g pork
2 Chaotian peppers
Appropriate amount of salt
Proper amount of soy sauce
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper amount of dry pepper
Moderate amount of blended oil
1 tbsp chili sauce


Step 1
Remove the leaves of water spinach and wash the stems.

Step 2
Use a knife to pat the stem of the flat vegetable, as shown in the picture. Only when it is flattened can it taste better. Then cut it into small pieces about one centimeter long. Cut pork into pieces; Chop the peppers.

Step 3
Add oil into the pan, stir fry the sliced meat until discolored, add shredded ginger and dried pepper and saute until fragrant. Add some soy sauce to color the meat.

Step 4
Grill the meat to one side and put in the water spinach stick and chopped peppers.

Step 5
Stir fry over high heat until the stem changes color slightly. Add salt and chicken essence. Continue to stir for a while.

Step 6
Finally, put in the garlic and the old Ganma, stir well, out of the pot.

Step 7
It's easy to serve on a plate~