What I fear most when I eat out is that the food materials are not good, and there are many additives. It is unhealthy to eat. This fried chicken with soy sauce is made of chicken breast. Because I am from Suzhou, we don’t eat spicy food. Generally, we put some spicy food outside. Our two babies don’t like to eat it bought outside. This is very suitable for the taste of southerners and it’s very delicious


100g chicken breast
1 water bamboo
Carrot in moderation
Peanuts in moderation
Moderate amount of bean paste
A little salt
Appropriate amount of sugar


Step 1
Wash and dice the chicken breast

Step 2
Marinate chicken breast meat with starch, a little salt and yellow rice wine for 10 minutes

Step 3
Dice the carrot and water bamboo

Step 4
Wash the peanuts in advance and let them dry

Step 5
Take the right amount of bean paste, supermarkets have to sell

Step 6
Hot pot cold oil

Step 7
Peanuts and oil can be cooked at the same time

Step 8
First stir fry in high heat, see slight discoloration, turn to low heat, stir fry until the skin is open, then out of the pot

Step 9
Hot pot cold oil, oil not too much, add ginger slices, into the chicken stir fry

Step 10
Stir fry until the diced chicken turns white, then pour in the prepared diced carrot and water bamboo

Step 11
Stir fry about 1 minute, you can pour into the bean paste, while adding the right amount of water, water is not too much

Step 12
Add water and stir fry for about 1 minute. Pour in the pre fried peanuts

Step 13
Stir fry, add sugar, a little salt 9 (even without salt, bean paste is salty)

Step 14
Add scallion and serve