Fried diced chicken in soy sauce is the choice of chicken breast, you can also according to your favorite, chicken leg meat is also good. The characteristic of this dish is that it has a strong sauce flavor, which is quite good with rice. It can also be used as a delicacy with wine, and then with a plate of vegetarian dishes, with meat and vegetables, and balanced nutrition.


300g chicken breast
50g cucumber
50g carrot
1 hot pepper
1 tbsp oil
50g spicy sauce
6 g salt
1 tbsp cooking wine


Step 1
Ingredients: chicken breast, carrot, pepper, cucumber, spicy sauce

Step 2
Dice the chicken

Step 3
Dice cucumber, pepper and carrot

Step 4
Put cooking wine and a little salt in the diced chicken and marinate for 5 minutes

Step 5
Boil water in a pan

Step 6
Heat up the oil and saute the scallions

Step 7
Add diced carrots and stir fry until they are unripe

Step 8
Add diced chicken, stir fry well, add spicy sauce

Step 9
Stir fry quickly and evenly

Step 10
Add pepper and cucumber

Step 11
Put monosodium glutamate to extract fresh, stir well, then put it into the pan