Soy sauce is a method of stir frying Shandong cuisine, which is widely spread in northern China. The fried diced chicken with soy sauce is oily and dark red. The meat is fresh and delicious. It is suitable for sweetness and saltiness. If there is only oil and no sauce on the plate after eating, this dish is a success. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that another dish is as famous as fried chicken in soy sauce, that is, Gongbao chicken (also mistakenly written as “gongpao chicken”). Many friends can’t tell the difference between the two dishes. They think they are similar. They are both chicken + fried. If I say, the difference is quite obvious.


1 chicken breast
1 cucumber
1 green onion
1 ginger
1 tablespoon (15g) of roasted juice
1 small bowl (20g) thin yellow sauce
1 tablespoon starch
1 tablespoon cooking wine


Step 1
These are all ingredients. Prepare them in advance

Step 2
Preparation: dice diced chicken breast and cucumber, diced green onion, diced ginger, set aside

Step 3
Marinate: add 1 tablespoon cooking wine and ginger powder to diced chicken, grasp and marinate for a while; Prepare a bowl of water starch and set aside

Step 4
Blanch: put the marinated diced chicken into hot water, blanch until the appearance of the chicken changes color, remove and control the water

Step 5
Boil sauce: cold oil in a cold pot, put in a small bowl of yellow sauce, stir fry with the back of a fork, bubble, and then add a spoonful of Zhao Shao sauce to taste

Step 6
Stir fry: stir fry the sauce until bubbling, add diced chicken, green onion and diced cucumber in turn, and turn to high heat for 1 minute

Step 7
Thicken: pour the adjusted water starch into the pot and stir fry quickly. After the sauce evenly wraps the ingredients, you can come out of the pot