Compared with pork and beef, chicken has higher protein content and lower fat content. In addition, chicken protein is rich in essential amino acids, and its content is very similar to that in egg milk, so it is the source of high-quality protein. I believe everyone is familiar with jimihua. In order to reduce the intake of oil and make the family eat more healthily, the improved oven version of jimihua without frying has smooth and tender meat, crisp taste, low oil, healthy and balanced nutrition. It is absolutely a favorite dish for men, women and children at the festival table.


250 grams of chicken
1 egg
1 teaspoon cooking oil
4-cloved garlic
Half a teaspoon of black pepper
1 tsp cumin powder
Moderate salt
Proper amount of starch


Step 1
First prepare the marinade, chop the garlic head into minced garlic, beat the eggs into egg liquid, and add some black pepper and cumin powder.

Step 2
Wash the chicken breast and control the water content. Beat the meat with the back of a knife to loosen it.

Step 3
Cut the chicken into small pieces, add oil, salt, cumin powder, black pepper, starch, and stir well.

Step 4
Then add the egg liquid to wrap the chicken and marinate for about 1 hour.

Step 5
Wrap each piece of chicken with chaff, place it on a tin foil covered baking plate, put it in the middle of the preheated oven, heat 190 ℃ for 20 minutes.

Step 6
Fried chicken is ready to eat.