I don’t remember how long I haven’t eaten clam meat. I bought some on a whim today. I wanted to make them cold. But look at the days in Northeast China in March. It’s warm and cold at first. It seems that it’s not the season to eat cold dishes, so it’s fried!


400g clam meat
300g spinach
Appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic
1 / 2 tbsp cooking wine
Proper amount of salt
2 teaspoons white pepper
1 / 2 tbsp fresh June soy sauce
2 teaspoons chicken essence


Step 1
Clean the spinach and cut it into sections for standby.

Step 2
Add cold water to the pot, boil it over a high fire, blanch the clam meat, add cooking wine, take it out when it boils again, and drain it with supercooled water for standby.

Step 3
Blanch spinach for half a minute, supercooled, dry and set aside.

Step 4
Put oil into the pot, heat it over high heat, add green onion, ginger and garlic, saute until fragrant (if there is pepper), add clam meat, salt, white pepper, June fresh soy sauce, chicken essence, and stir fry.

Step 5
Stir fry a few times, add spinach and stir fry.

Step 6
Spinach soft wilt can be out of the pot.

Step 7
Stir fry quickly and get out of the pot.