There are many ways to eat Chinese toon. I like fried Chinese toon fish best. Chinese toon is wrapped in paste and fried in an oil pan. The shape of the fried fish is like a fried fish, so it is called Chinese toon fish. After coming out of the pot, empty the excess oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. It tastes crisp and delicious. For the batter of fried Toona sinensis fish, it is recommended to mix flour, corn starch and eggs. The batter with corn starch will be more crisp. If it’s really troublesome and there are no complete ingredients, let’s tell you a clever way. Buy a bag of tempura powder online and mix it into paste directly according to the proportion. The effect is very good.


100g Toona sinensis
70g flour
30g corn starch
1 egg


Step 1
Wash the Chinese toon, prepare the necessary ingredients, and cut off the old roots of the Chinese toon

Step 2
Blanch Chinese Toon in hot water for 1 minute, remove the blanched Chinese Toon Leaves, drain the water and set aside

Step 3
Mix flour and starch, add eggs and water, stir well and make a batter. Put the scalded Toon Leaves into the batter by times

Step 4
It is best to heat the oil to 160 - 180 degrees. Add the toon sprouts covered with flour paste. If you fry them in an oil pan for 30 seconds, remove them and control the oil. Then you can eat them