Fried chicken wings is a dish loved by many people. It is more casual. It can be used as an appetizer before meals, and can be eaten at any time, such as drinking beer and watching TV. In the eyes of many people, it may be very simple. But in fact, it’s not easy to cook delicious food. It has to be crispy and tender so that it tastes more delicious. Many children at home also like to eat fried chicken wings.


500g chicken wings
2-stage scallion
1 ginger slice


Step 1
The raw materials are as follows:

Step 2
The method of garlic oil is as follows: shoot a few cloves of garlic, remove the oil from the pot, and when the oil temperature is about 50% or 60% hot (that is, when the oil surface fluctuates and there is green smoke rising, if measured by the thermometer of the oil pot at this time, it is about 140-180 ℃), add the photographed garlic, and fry it slightly until it is burnt (that is, the garlic surface is zoomed and the smell comes out), Then pour the garlic oil and fried garlic into the pickled chicken wings. Add garlic oil to marinate chicken wings. Finally, the fried chicken wings taste better and more fragrant. (if you really don't have garlic oil, finally put some salad oil in it and grab it evenly with your hands. This step is also called sealing oil. It can lock the water in the pickled chicken wings, make the seasoning delicious and make the pickled chicken better. So this step is still very important.)

Step 3
Start the pot and fire the oil. The amount of oil is a little more (because it's fried chicken wings, not fried chicken or fried chicken wings). When the oil temperature is about 50-60% hot (that is, when the oil surface fluctuates and there is smoke rising, if you put the oil pan thermometer to measure, it is about 140-180 ℃), put the chicken wings down and fry them on both sides to make them golden.