Only in this way can the chicken wings taste delicious, the skin is chewy, and the meat is fresh, tender and juicy


500g chicken wings
30g garlic
10g cooking wine
20G raw soy sauce
10g oyster sauce
Proper amount of salt
Proper flour
Appropriate amount of black pepper


Step 1
Cut chicken wings in half. This is a convenient and chewy trick. Cut them and put them into a bowl.

Step 2
Try to prepare more garlic, beat it into mashed garlic and put it into a bowl. The more garlic you put, the better it tastes

Step 3
In a bowl, add cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and black pepper

Step 4
Grasp well, cover with plastic wrap and marinate for an hour

Step 5
Put two more spoonfuls of flour and fully grasp it evenly

Step 6
Put it into 50% hot oil temperature and fry it over medium low heat for six or seven minutes. When the color looks slightly burnt yellow, take it out

Step 7
After the oil temperature rises, the fire will be re fried for about 10 seconds, and then quickly fished out