Not only children but also adults like the fragrant and tender chicken wings. There are many methods of chicken wings, frying, stewing, roasting and frying, which are very rare. It is said that 100 kinds can be made.


7 chicken wings
1 screw
1 red pepper
1 fresh ginger
4 cloves garlic
A little oil
2 g salt
15g raw extract
15g oyster sauce


Step 1
Clean the chicken wings, and the amount can be adjusted according to the situation;

Step 2
Aim a sharp knife at the middle and split it in two. The knife must be stable, accurate and firm, so that the bones can be brushed together and broken without bone residue;

Step 3
One large piece of fresh ginger can be used more, one green and one red pepper, and one screw pepper is very spicy;

Step 4
Cut the fresh ginger into thin slices, remove the seeds of green and red pepper, cut into pieces, and slice garlic;

Step 5
Pour a little oil into the frying pan and stir fry the chicken wings and ginger slices together. The oil should not be too much. There will be some oil seeping out from the chicken wing skin. Stir fry with ginger not only eliminates the oil smoke generated by dry stir frying the chicken wings, but also uses the effect of ginger juice to remove the fishy smell until the surface of the chicken wing skin is slightly burnt and the chicken wings swell; To say more, we must heat the pot and cool the oil, so as not to produce too much oil smoke, nor will we fry chicken wings and ginger slices;

Step 6
Sprinkle salt, pour soy sauce and oyster sauce according to taste, season and color;

Step 7
After stir fry evenly, pour the green and red pepper pieces and garlic slices into the pot. The green and red pepper garlic slices can be eaten raw. They can be used for color matching and seasoning, so they can be mixed evenly and come out of the pot.