This is a refreshing hot dish in Guangdong cuisine. The fragrant chicken slices are accompanied by crisp pear slices. The salty, fresh and slightly sweet taste makes people feel refreshing. In fact, this collocation is also a classic fruit meat collocation of Guangdong cuisine, such as ancient meat, coconut milk curry chicken, etc. it is very distinctive. Let’s have a look.


1 Sydney
200g chicken breast meat
1 / 3 egg white


Step 1
Chicken breast meat slices into larger slices. If you can't slice, you can buy a thicker chicken breast meat and cut it vertically

Step 2
Grab chicken slices with 1g salt and yellow rice wine, then put a little egg white, and finally dry starch

Step 3
Slice Sydney, ginger and chopped garlic. Mix 2G salt, sugar, a little water and starch into a thicken soup in a bowl and set aside

Step 4
Put an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the pot, burn it until 60% hot, put in the battered chicken slices, quickly open it with chopsticks, completely turn white and take it out

Step 5
Pour out the oil, leave a little base oil and stir fry ginger and garlic over medium heat

Step 6
After stir frying, put the Sydney on a high fire and fry it quickly, and then put the sliced chicken in it and fry it quickly

Step 7
Pour the mixed juice into the pot and stir fry quickly to get out of the pot