Frying without oil sounds incredible, but it can be done. You might say it’s an air fryer, but I want to tell you, it’s really not an air fryer, but an oven with the function of air fryer. Two in one is really great.


Five chicken legs
20G sweet and spicy sauce


Step 1
After cleaning, cut a few knives,

Step 2
Sprinkle with sweet and spicy sauce, add a little water, rub repeatedly with your hands to make it taste, and then marinate for more than 2 hours,

Step 3
Spread tin foil on the baking net and put the pickled chicken legs on it,

Step 4
Changdi air frying oven, come and try it. Set 190 degrees for 30 minutes,

Step 5
Take it out of the middle, turn it over and fry it again. The effect will be better.