It’s a Sichuan restaurant’s signature dish that I like to eat very much. I often eat it and then research it out.


A whole chicken leg
5 chicken wings
1 lotus root
1 bag of Mahua
Four Hangzhou peppers
A little cooking wine
A little garlic sauce
Proper amount of starch
A lot of oil
A little five spice powder
6 dried peppers
2 teaspoons Laoganma Douchi sauce
Appropriate amount of onion, ginger and garlic
A little sugar
A little black pepper
A little salt
A little chicken essence
A little soy sauce


Step 1
Cut chicken legs and wings into pieces, clean and drain.

Step 2
Put the meat into the container, add a little salt, sugar, chicken essence, cooking wine, black pepper, five spice powder and fresh soy sauce, stir and marinate for 10 minutes.

Step 3
Add starch and stir well. Deep fry until golden and soft.

Step 4
Dice lotus root with Hangzhou pepper.

Step 5
Chicken, lotus root, Mahua all oil, Hangzhou pepper with hot oil.

Step 6
Heat the pan, pour in onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, stir fry until fragrant.

Step 7
Pour in fried chicken, diced lotus root and Mahua, add salt and chicken essence. Two spoonfuls of Laoganma Douchi chili sauce, stir well, and a little less garlic sauce. Stir and stir.

Step 8
After stir frying, you can get out of the pot.