Dried radish is golden in color, crisp and chewy. It tastes like a cackle. I like it very much. It is salty, delicious and appetizing. I can eat a lot with porridge or white rice. Cabbage is also a sweet and refreshing dish. I like it. That hand torn cabbage is a famous dish in China. Dried radish and cabbage have their own crispness, and there is no need for too many seasonings when fried, It’s just fried with some mushroom sauce and oyster sauce. It’s very delicious


400g cabbage
50g dried radish
20G carrot
10g garlic
10g corn oil
10g mushroom sauce
10g oyster sauce
10g soy sauce
2 g Sugar
5g wine


Step 1
Cut all materials, cabbage and carrot into thick strips

Step 2
Heat the pot with corn oil and garlic

Step 3
Saute mushroom sauce and dried radish until fragrant

Step 4
Stir fry shredded cabbage over high heat

Step 5
Stir fry cabbage until a little soft and add carrot strips

Step 6
Seasoning for oyster sauce, sugar, wine, etc

Step 7
Finally, add soy sauce

Step 8
After all the ingredients are fried evenly, turn off the fire

Step 9
Serve immediately