The best partner of agaric is cabbage. Fried agaric with cabbage is a classic. Some people may say that it’s so simple that everyone can fry it. Yes, it’s a very simple home cooked dish, but there are tricks when frying. If you master the cooking method, it’s definitely better than turning it around.


200g Chinese Cabbage
250g bubble black fungus
1 ginger
Half garlic
Proper amount of salt
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tablespoons vinegar
Proper amount of water starch


Step 1
Soak black fungus in advance, pick and wash it. Soak the dried black fungus with warm water or boiled rice soup, which can make the black fungus fat, soft and delicious

Step 2
It's best to use cabbage help, but it doesn't matter if you make it at home. Slice the cabbage

Step 3
Chop garlic and ginger into granules

Step 4
Hot oil in wok, fried garlic and ginger

Step 5
Add cabbage slices and fungus and stir fry

Step 6
Stir fry with high fire. Don't let the water of cabbage appear in the frying pan. When frying, add oyster sauce, salt and a little vinegar. Don't have too much vinegar, which can keep the crispness of cabbage

Step 7
Stir the seasonings well. When you see the cabbage wilting, thicken the starch and bring it out of the pot. Don't adjust the starch too thick, just dilute it