My family and I love to eat all kinds of pasta with stuffing. Today, I just had time to make some favorite pasta for my family, so I made the baby’s favorite zucchini and leek Fried Bun. The taste is really great


1 zucchini
200g pork stuffing
80g leek
300g medium gluten flour
10g lard
10g raw soy sauce
2G spinach powder
3 G yeast
170 g clear water (for dough)
1g pepper powder
Proper amount of salt
0.5g chicken essence
4G scallion
2 slices of ginger
A little scallion leaves
A little black sesame
2G pumpkin powder


Step 1
Get all the ingredients ready.

Step 2
Put the pork stuffing into a larger container and add chicken essence, cooking wine, soy sauce and pepper powder.

Step 3
Stir all the ingredients well.

Step 4
Wash the zucchini, wipe it with silk, sprinkle a little salt and marinate it for a while.

Step 5
Wash the leeks and chop them up. Chop the scallions and ginger.

Step 6
Stir in the meat stuffing, add zucchini with dry water, chopped leek, onion and ginger, and then add lard.

Step 7
Stir all the ingredients evenly and set aside.

Step 8
Add weighed flour and spinach powder, 1.5g yeast and 85g water to the Dongling bread machine, and start the dough mixing mode of the bread machine to start dough mixing.

Step 9
In the same way, add the weighed flour and pumpkin powder into the toaster, add 1.5g yeast and 85g water, and start the dough mixing mode.

Step 10
After the dough of two colors is reconciled, put it into a bowl, put on plastic wrap and start to wake up.

Step 11
Wake up, the dough tissue is honeycomb.

Step 12
After kneading the dough, rub it into long strips and cut it into the same size with a knife.

Step 13
Flatten it and roll it into a round thin dough with a rolling pin.

Step 14
Roll out the dough and add the prepared filling.

Step 15
Pinch the pleats and wrap them into round buns.

Step 16
After making all the steamed stuffed buns in turn.

Step 17
Dip a little edible oil in the gourmet pot with a brush and apply it evenly inside the pot.

Step 18
Code all the steamed stuffed buns in turn.

Step 19
Cover the pot and fry over medium heat.

Step 20
After seeing the shape under the steamed stuffed bun, add a little flour and water into a water shape. Pour it into the pot and fry it slowly over a low heat.

Step 21
Open the lid until the soup dries.

Step 22
Sprinkle with a little scallion and black sesame seeds to get out of the pot.