Among all kinds of breakfasts in Wuhan, the ELF’s favorite is not the loud hot and dry noodles, but the three King Kong, fried buns, three fresh bean skins and noodle nest. It’s perfect to build a bowl of egg rice wine with these.


650 g flour
7g yeast powder
300g warm water
400g pork
450g lotus root
1 chive
15g ginger
20ml oyster sauce
20ml raw extract
1g pepper
2G spicy fresh
30ml cooking wine
1g chicken powder
3 G refined salt
30ml edible oil
3 G raw meal


Step 1
First prepare the dough material.

Step 2
Pour yeast into warm water, stir and let stand for 5 minutes.

Step 3
Weigh the flour and pour it into the bread bucket.

Step 4
Add yeast water and start the dough process.

Step 5
Prepare meat and lotus root.

Step 6
After washing the pork, peel and cut into small pieces, and cut into small pieces of ginger.

Step 7
Pour it into a cooking cup and beat it into minced meat.

Step 8
Pour into a large bowl and add the sauce in the ingredients, except edible oil and cornflour.

Step 9
Stir vigorously in the same direction and leave to marinate for 60 minutes.

Step 10
Fermented dough.

Step 11
After kneading and exhausting, divide it into small portions.

Step 12
Knead the long strip again and wake up for 10 minutes.

Step 13
Peel the lotus root, wash it, cut it into small pieces, and pour it into the cooking cup that stirred the meat before.

Step 14
Add the broken lotus root powder to the marinated meat filling.

Step 15
Stir well to form the inner filling.

Step 16
Wake up the dough and cut it into equal parts.

Step 17
Roll into a round skin.

Step 18
Fill the middle with meat.

Step 19
Close the mouth and wrap it into a steamed stuffed bun shape, and make all steamed stuffed buns in turn.

Step 20
Fill the pot with edible oil and wrap the small steamed stuffed bun.

Step 21
Fry until set, then add water, cover the pot and simmer over low heat.

Step 22
Simmer until 8 minutes cooked, open the lid and pour an appropriate amount of oil along the edge of the pot.

Step 23
Finally, fry slowly over a low heat until the bottom is golden. Sprinkle a little chopped shallot and then come out of the pot.