Fried Bun is a traditional snack popular in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. It has crisp skin, thick juice and meat aroma. Take a bite, and it is fragrant with meat, oil, onion and sesame. All the delicacies remain in the mouth for a long time.


500g medium gluten flour
300g clear water
150g beef stuffing
300g parsley
150g mushroom
200g carrot
50g chopped scallion
5g yeast
10g fine granulated sugar
15g oyster sauce
5g raw extract
10g cooking wine
3 G five spice powder
5g sesame oil
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of fried bread with water


Step 1
Mix water, yeast, fine granulated sugar and flour;

Step 2
Knead into smooth dough and ferment in a warm place;

Step 3
Add chopped green onion, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, five spice powder, salt and an appropriate amount of water to the beef filling, and stir vigorously in one direction;

Step 4
Add sesame oil, stir well, and let it stand to taste;

Step 5
Shred the carrot and set aside;

Step 6
Chop the mushrooms and put them into shredded carrots;

Step 7
Chop the parsley;

Step 8
When the dough grows 2 times, the fermentation ends;

Step 9
Knead the dough slowly and gently. After exhausting the dough, put it on the chopping board and let it stand for 15-20 minutes;

Step 10
Mix the chopped parsley, mushrooms and carrots with delicious beef stuffing;

Step 11
Stir evenly in one direction for standby;

Step 12
Knead the dough into strips;

Step 13
Divide into flour agent with uniform size;

Step 14
Roll into a thick dough in the middle and thin around;

Step 15
Wrap in well mixed meat stuffing;

Step 16
Fold the dough into small folds in one direction, and finally close the mouth;

Step 17
Let the raw embryo of steamed stuffed bun stand for 15 minutes to wake up;

Step 18
Add an appropriate amount of edible oil into the pan;

Step 19
Place the steamed stuffed bun in the pot;

Step 20
Fry over low heat until golden at the bottom;

Step 21
Add an appropriate amount of water (less than half of the steamed stuffed bun) and cover the pot;

Step 22
Turn to small fire after large fire;

Step 23
Shred the scallions and prepare the cooked sesame seeds;

Step 24
Fry until the water is completely drained, sprinkle with black sesame and chopped green onion;

Step 25
You can eat it out of the pot.