Beef has the effects of tonifying middle Qi, nourishing spleen and stomach, strengthening muscles and bones, resolving phlegm and calming wind, relieving thirst and salivation. The amino acid composition of beef is closer to the needs of human body than pork, and it can improve the body’s resistance to disease. It is especially suitable for growth, development, post operation, and post conditioning patients who supplement blood loss and repair tissue. Today, I made this fried beef with light pepper and chose Australian raw beef. Although it’s a little expensive, it tastes better.


1 lantern pepper
158g beef
A little carrot
Half a spoonful of cooking wine
Half teaspoon salt
Proper raw extract
A little black pepper
A spoonful of vegetable oil


Step 1
Food map

Step 2
After washing, cut the beef. You must see the texture clearly and cut it horizontally

Step 3
This beef is a little difficult for me today. I have to cut it horizontally like this

Step 4
Cut into three pieces

Step 5
Then cut into small pieces, wash and cut the light pepper and carrot

Step 6
Hot oil in the pot

Step 7
Carrot slices first

Step 8
Then pour in the beef slices and pull them apart with chopsticks

Step 9
The cooking wine is fragrant

Step 10
Season with salt

Step 11
Stir fry with light pepper,

Step 12
Add fresh and salty soy sauce

Step 13
Sprinkle a little black pepper and mix well. Turn off the fire