It’s a very appetizing Cantonese dish. The most crisp and tender Chinese kale is selected. The heart of the dish is taken. The sliced beef is stir fried with Sha Cha sauce. Finally, the blanched Chinese kale is stir fried together. In this way, the Chinese kale is also stained with the fresh flavor of beef and the sauce flavor of Sha Cha sauce. It’s really delicious. If you like it, you can make it tonight.


400g Kale
200g beef
1 red pepper
Proper amount of peanut oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp sugar
1.5 teaspoons, delicious
1 teaspoon oyster sauce
1 tbsp Sacha sauce
1 section of scallion
1 slice of ginger
Two cloves of garlic


Step 1
Wash the kale and cut off the head and tail

Step 2
Sliced beef, salted with appropriate amount of salt, sugar, delicious, raw meal and edible oil, shredded red pepper, chopped green onion, ginger and garlic

Step 3
Blanch the dish in boiling water until it is unripe. Remember to add appropriate amount of salt, sugar, oil and salt into the water to make the dish have a bottom taste. Sugar is to bring out the sweet taste of the dish. Oil is to make the dish more bright and green

Step 4
In a wok, saute the onion, ginger and garlic until fragrant

Step 5
Put in the beef

Step 6
Add red pepper and stir fry until discolored. Set aside immediately

Step 7
Start the oil pot again and stir the sauce until fragrant

Step 8
Quickly add blanched mustard and fried beef

Step 9
Stir evenly, then out of the pot