The beef is fried with curry powder. The taste is really great. The smooth and tender beef slices have a strong curry powder smell. They are very fragrant and delicious, especially the taste loved by children. They eat a lot! Tonight?


250g beef
An onion
A piece of coffee bean
A little ginger
A teaspoon of raw soy sauce
A teaspoon of sugar
Proper amount of salt
Appropriate amount of olive oil


Step 1
The prepared materials include slicing beef, marinating it with shredded ginger, soy sauce, salt and curry powder for 20 minutes. In this way, when buying beef, tell the meat uncle to fry it, he will naturally cut it very tender for you.

Step 2
Prepare one onion and cut it 3 / 2. Don't cut it too thin. Just like this

Step 3
Put an appropriate amount of olive oil into the pot and saute the shredded ginger of pickled beef

Step 4
Pour in the cured beef and stir fry until raw, about 7.8 minutes

Step 5
Pour in the prepared shredded onion and stir fry for a moment to change color

Step 6
Add a small spoonful of sugar and take it out of the pot

Step 7
Load the plate and start eating

Step 8
The smooth and tender beef is ready. Have a taste. It tastes great

Step 9
finished product