The casserole was easy to use in a few days, so I simply started a fried black music. After receiving it, I immediately tried to fry celery and beef. It was heated quickly and tasted very good. It was very convenient to bring meat to the table with the pot. The best thing was that the beef was still warm at the end of the meal. It was great to use the casserole in winter!!!


300g beef
300g celery
60g Chaotian pepper
4 cloves garlic
Appropriate amount of edible oil
Proper amount of salt
Proper cooking wine
A spoonful of corn starch
A little raw
A little fuel consumption
A little old smoke
A black casserole


Step 1
Prepare all the ingredients you need.

Step 2
Wash the beef, because the fiber tissue of the beef is thick, be sure to slice it horizontally against the grain, cut off the fiber of the beef, and the meat can be fried tender.

Step 3
Add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, oil consumption and corn starch to the cut beef.

Step 4
Grasp the beef and seasoning by hand and marinate for about 10-15 minutes.

Step 5
Wash the sediment of celery, remove the roots, remove the leaves, and cut the celery stem into sections for standby. Wash Chaotian pepper, remove the pedicle, chop, peel and chop garlic seeds.

Step 6
Wash heile casserole and dry over high heat.

Step 7
Pour the proper cooking oil into the casserole.

Step 8
When the oil is not very hot, pour in the beef.

Step 9
Stir fry until the beef changes color.

Step 10
Pour in the chopped celery and stir fry.

Step 11
Add chopped pepper and garlic and stir fry constantly.

Step 12
Add proper soy sauce and salt to taste, stir fry evenly with a spatula.

Step 13
After all the ingredients are fried, turn off the fire.

Step 14
Stir fry beef with celery and serve.